Some of my automobile pages

Baji J. Ram Rao
12:44 +0530 Sat. 26-Nov-2016

20:50 Tue. 04-Apr-2006
Always nursing a fascination for military over-engineered transport vehicles,
I stumbled across four, second-world war Chevrolet Staghound T-17E2 (AA) armored cars deteriorating outside VJTI Matunga.
since 1971.

06:45 Tue. 23-Jan-2007
The 1969 Ford Mustang and BOSS Mustang

08:40 Sat. 11-Feb-2007
1955 Leyland Tiger Cub single-decker bus

15:00 Sat. 23-Jul-2008.
Adolf Hitler’s 1940 Grosser Mercedes-Benz 770K W150 bullet-proof cabriolet

01:15 Tue. 04-Nov-2009
USA’s largest derelict industrial complex: the old Packard plant in Detroit abandoned since 1957.

18:08 Wed. 07-May-2013.
1950 Citroën hyperfuturistic one-and-a-half decker bus in Paris, France.

18:13 Sat. 13-Jul-2013
1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner automobile with electric hardtop seen in Milpitas, CA.

17:15 Tue. 13-Aug-2013
My 1:64 scale Matchbox toy Jaguar E-type

20:13 Tue. 17-Sep-2013
1953-55 Sunbeam Alpine roadster

08:46 Sun. 05-Oct-2013
A row of ten, Cadillac automobiles, from model year 1949 to model year 1963, buried nose-down in a cow pasture along Interstate 40, west of Amarillo, Texas.

15:14 Thu. 26-Sep-2013
One’s first introduction to the world of technology and engineering comes from one’s toys, as a child.

15:43 Sat. 04-Jan-2014
My vintage toy 1950 Buick Super convertible

19:05 Fri. 24-Jan-2014
1963 Ford Thunderbird type 76A convertible seen in the Bollywood feature film: Jai Ho(2014), which released in Jan-2014.