My forays into hindi film music

Baji J. Ram Rao
17:59 +0530 Sun. 30-Jul-2017


Singing on Public Stage

Graduating from singing at school and home for my classmates, friends and family, I moved to singing on stage.
The course of this journey of mine follows chronologically, in pictures at this page.

I also compère and conduct private singing shows.
This involves getting good singers together and training together, rehearsing songs for an onstage performance before an audience.
The background accompaniment is usually performed live by an orchestra comprising acoustic as well as digital electronic instruments. Very occasionally the accompaniment comprises digital minus-one tracks playing out of a computer.



I teach Theory of Music and the piano keyboard.
Theory of Music covers sight-reading of musical staff notation, construction of scales and composition.
Learning music is popular with adults who turn to music later in life.

The students are required to possess a piano or 61-key electronic keyboard.
At the present time, I teach at selected student’s homes.

Happy and satisfied students inspire and motivate more students to learn.
This firm conviction has led to the deliberate choice, not to advertise or promote classes.


Talk shows

For mature listening audiences, I conduct talk shows on hindi film music.
These are critical presentations of Hindi Film Songs of the Golden Years and involve substantial research to justify the claims made.
I play small audio and/or video clips out of a laptop computer, to illustrate a point, helping audiences connect with Hindi film songs from the golden age until the early 1970s.


Thoughts on Music

Documenting here some of my thoughts on music over time.