Hindi Film Songs of the Golden Years

Baji J. Ram Rao
13:15 +0530 Sun. 23-Aug-2015


Once a month on Saturday evenings, I deliver a critical presentation on various aspects of Hindi Film Songs of the Golden Years.

What is this?

These extensively researched music listening sessions for mature listening audiences, represent an enormous treasure-chest of information.
The talks are supported with small clips of old hindi film songs (audio) playing out of a laptop computer.
They help audiences share appreciation for Hindi film songs from the golden age until the early 1970s.

These songs are based on pre-selected and pre-announced themes. Among the many fine details, shared with the audience, is information about the year of the film, its cast, the song’s lyricists, music directors and singers, locales, inspirations, similar and related melodies and more.

Mixed audiences, both young and old, enjoy these evenings of discussions about the hindi film music of yore, along with illustrative song bites.
The commentary is designed to illuminate, what was so attractive about each song, when they first aired on radio.
Each session is meant to be interactive (not a one-way “broadcast”) session, with the audience, bringing their own insights to the forum, within the themes being discussed.

This concept is a unique, very differentiated form of informative entertainment.

A substantial and growing number of younger listeners seem to enjoy understanding post-independence Hindi film music, its lyrics and poetry, musical composition, and the various aspects of how this entertainment was offered to the public.

When are these sessions held?

Typically one Saturday evening every month. From July 2011, these sessions were held every month

  1. in Chembur,
  2. Mumbai,
  3. by invitation at Bangalore, Pune and Chennai and
  4. at private residential societies in Mumbai.


Month after month, our audiences look forward to these compèred music sessions, which we offer based on our deep and extensive research.
The research makes the sessions very informative and enjoyable.
The audiences heartily participate spellbound in each session.
Every session, shares period-relevant information, and sometimes has entertaining quizzes.


Originally designed for Hindi film song listeners age: 50 or older, the programme also now attracts keenly interested focus audiences below 45.
Recently we have seen a flood of requests for similar sessions, from Mumbai to south India.

Music discussion session on Sat. 27-Dec-2014


Music discussion session on Sat. 27-Jun-2015

Music discussion session on Sat. 25-Jul-2015 on the work of C. Ramchandra.
The hall was darkened for a visual presentation.

Music discussion session on Sat. 22-Aug-2015 on the songs of Muhammad Rafi.