Vanguard PH-32 fluid-damped 3-way magnesium-alloy panhead

Ordered from 15:03, Sun. 4th-Nov-2012;
Delivered: 12:40 pm, Fri. 9th-Nov-2012

Constructed of lightweight magnesium-alloy, powder-coated in blackhammertone finish, this is a pleasant well-specified product.
It has a 3-way fluid-damped panhead; 360 pan (yaw-axis), 120 tilt (pitch-axis), 150 side-tilt (roll-axis)

Vanguard PH-32 degrees of freedom

The panhead, accomodates a quick release shoe with two-level safety locking.

It comes with a Vanguard QS-51 quick release shoe.
The camera is fastened to the QS-51 with a 1/4"-20 UNC camera screw. The screw has a swiveling D-ring for leverage to drive it into the camera socket. The D-ring sits flush with the plate.

Vanguard QH-51 quick release shoe

When one mounts a long heavy zoom- or telephoto lens on a DSLR, the center of gravity (CG) of the combination, shifts forward towards the lens front-element.
The imaginary vertical axis, through the centroid of the tripod-leg triangle, is the axis of max. stability. For tripod stability, the CG of the camera+lens combination, should lie as close as possible to this axis. The panhead's QS-51 camera-mountplate has a 35mm long eye-slot. The slot lets you center the QS-51 under the CG of the combination for best stability.
Vanguard PH-32 CG slider
When one mounts a long zoom/telephoto lens on a DSLR,
its CG shifts towards the lens front-element.
The panhead's camera-mountplate has a long eye to reposition CG
at the centroid of the tripod-leg triangle.

When you slot the camera-mounted shoe into its receptacle in the panhead, the shoe depresses a metal pin, which releases the spring-loaded catch lever and pops out an orange pushbutton. Now the camera is locked in place. It cannot be accidentally released. The catch lever is locked.

To release the camera, one must press the orange button and rotate the catch lever against spring tension.

This two-level locking gives confidence that the camera won't accidentally come off the pan-head.

Vanguard PH-32 safety-locked quick release
Vanguard PH-32 bubble levels
Double locking quick-release shoe with 1/4"-20 UNC
camera screw. Orange pushbutton prevents accidental release
of camera from tripod.
The panhead comes with 3 built-in bubble spirit-levels
to level the camera along
the sagittal axis and along the meridional axes
in both landscape and portrait positions.



Vanguard PH-32 CG slider
Constructed of lightweight magnesium-alloy, powder-coated in blackhammertone finish.

All-in-all, a good combination of
Velbon DV-6000 aluminium tripod undercarriage,
with Vanguard PH-32 3-way magnesium pan-head.

Thrilled !