Velbon DV-6000 fluid-damped video tripod

Bought a Velbon DV-6000 tripod, through flipkart.

Ordered on Tue. 30-Oct-2012 afternoon. It was just delivered this morning, Sat. 03-Nov-2012.

Chose the video tripod, because I wanted the fluid-damped pan head.
Nowadays, we use most DSLRs and mobile phones to shoot both stills and decent HD video anyway.
So I thought the next tripod I buy, should have smooth fluid-damped panning (yawing) and tilting (pitching) capability.
Thought it would be completely useable for still photography too.


And after it was delivered, I just realized a goof I made in the purchase. 

The tripod's PH-358 fluid-damped head will only hold the camera in landscape (horizontal) mode.
The plate will not tilt sideways (roll) through 90 degrees for portrait (vertical) mode shots.

Nikon D5100 on Velbon DV-6000

Nikon D5100 on Velbon DV-6000 - close up

Video cameras are never tilted through 90 degrees within a shot, anyway. That would give the users vertigo (चक्कर).
But still cameras frequently are !!!

How could I have made the purchase without researching the specifications?

Big goof ! 

Now I need a suitable 3-way fluid head.


Ordered a Vanguard PH-32 fluid-damped 3-way Magnesium-alloy panhead
from 15:03, Sun. 4th-Nov-2012;
Delivered: 12:40 pm, Fri. 9th-Nov-2012