Ihagee Kamerawerk AG

The company, Ihagee Kamerawerk A.G. based in Dresden, Germany, was started in 1912, by a Dutchman, Johan Steenbergen.

The co. was called Industrie und Handelsgesellschaft (I.H.G. pronounced ई हा गे in German).

Based on the German pronunciation, the company adopted the name Ihagee (ईहागे).

Ihagee are famous as the makers of the world's first SLR camera, the Exakta, from 1933 to 1976.
The 1933 model: the VP (vest pocket) or Standard Exakta used 127 rollfilm.
In 1936 debuted the 35mm Kine Exakta -- the world's first SLR to use a 35mm cartridge.

Ihagee also made a smaller, simpler Exakta called the Exa -- this became my first SLR.

They even made the world's first SLR with interchangeable view-finders -- the Exakta Varex.