Two MIDI connected keyboards

Baji J. Ram Rao
23:20 +0530 Sat. 15-Mar-2014

Sat. 15-Mar-2014 evening, my neighbor, Sangeeta Pai and I sang a duet in Mysore Colony with a full orchestra before an audience of ~100 people.

We sang, "जिस दिन से मैने तुमको देखा है" from Parwana (1971).
Originally a Mohammad Rafi, Asha Bhosle song, the lyrics are by Kaifi Azmi and music by Madan Mohan.
This time around, I pulled it off, keeping strictly in-key and without any timing defect.

The orchestra was called HeartWaves by a one-man-band called Anand Palwankar.
He played two MIDI connected keyboards simultaneously, a Roland JV-35 and a Roland Juno-G, and sang at the same time.

I found that inspiring -- it means I can grow to do the same, some day.:-)
Anand Palwankar sports a blond dyed ponytail.

There was a single drummer, who would switch between a drum set, tabla, Dholki and Roland Octapad.

Anand Palwankar has a very versatile voice from K.L.Saigal to Rafi and Mukesh. At some point in his career, he has performed with Talat Mehmood and Manna Dey in Holland.
The female singer who regularly sings with him is Shefali Taggarsi. She was a one-time semi-finalist in “Meri Awaz Suno” on Star Plus and has sung with Manna Dey at Bhaidas Hall in Mumbai.

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