Soulful saxophone in a hindi film song

Baji J. Ram Rao
16:53 +0530 Sat. 14-Jun-2014

This is about the song: “है दुनिया उसीकी ज़माना उसीका”, from the movie, Kashmir Ki Kali(1964).
The singer was Mohammad Rafi, Lyrics were penned by: S. H. Bihari and the Music Director, was: O. P. Nayyar.

I just love the setting of this song -- the opening scene in the movie, right after the titles.

A late night at a music bar in a high-star hotel.
The musicians have left.
Only a sole saxophonist is pouring out his heart in a soulful haunting melodious refrain.

A retired colonel (Bir Sakhuja) is having a drink at the bar.

That’s when our hero, Rajeev (Shammi Kapoor) (a regular at the bar) walks in, apparently smouldering from rejection of his love interest.

The waiters address him as “Sethji” as usual.
But tonight, he doesn’t like it.

When offered his usual bottle of Coca-Cola on a plate, he strikes it away violently, causing the shocked saxophone player to stop his piece briefly.
The hero pops open a bottle of Vat 69 blended scotch and quaffs off a swig, choking and spluttering, unused to hard liquor.

Some drunken dialogue...
Colonel: Did you (finally) experience the need for it (the drink)? Soon it will also become a habit.
Rajeev: “Colonel! What happens to the general who loses a battle?”

Colonel: “He musters-up an army again, and re-enters the fight, my boy!”
Rajeev: “And (what of the one) whose spirit is broken and who is left isolated in the world? For what reason should he live on, Colonel?”

Colonel: “He then lives on, for love, my boy! For (the) love (of his life) !”
Rajeev (impressed): Today, you have articulated a very big axiom in Life, Colonel”!

“है दुनिया उसीकी ज़माना उसीका”...

Do listen to this 2 min and 38 sec. audio clip.