Mumbai-based band called Sanam

Baji J. Ram Rao
15:02 +0530 Wed. 28-Jan-2015

This band is called, “सनम”. They are based in Mumbai.
They were earlier known as “SQS Supastars” and used to play jingles, background scores and their own compositions.
The group consists of:

  1. Sanam Puri -- the chap who’s singing.
  2. Samar Puri -- Electric guitar -- the guy wearing the black cap.
  3. Venky S. - The guy in the navy shirt with the Fender Jazz bass guitar
  4. Keshav Dhanraj - the person sitting astride and playing the Pearl Cajón (कहोन) -- the Peruvian percussion box!

Samar Puri and Venky were classmates at Indian School Muscat.
Keshav was brand manager of Zildjian cymbals, Pearl drums and Evans drumheads at Furtados, Mumbai.

This duet, “ये रातें, यह मौसम, नदीका किनारा, यह चँचल हवा” from Dilli Ka Thug(1958), is a cover sung by Sanam Puri with Simran Sehgal. Original lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Love the waltz beat, and the ease with which the singers sing seconds!

Vocal Harmonies

Indian music (both Hindustani and Carnatic) lays emphasis on the performance practice of melodic ornamentation (e.g. portamentos and glissandos: मीण्ड), and तानs (fast and delicate multi-tone ornaments -- अलंकारs) such as mordents (उल्टा मुरकी) and inverted mordents (मुरकी), fast phrasing (हरकतs). There are also other taans such as the खटका and the ज़मज़मा, grace notes (कण स्वर), shakes: (गमकs)

All of this rich complexity, somehow comes at the price of disregard for chords, harmonic intervals and the whole western idea of harmony.
As a result, singing a harmonic interval with the main singer is a challenge to many an Indian singer untrained in western music.
This includes singing vocal harmonies, seconds (secondary voice) and singing “contrapunto”.