parbaton ke pedon par shaam kaa baseraa hai(पर्बतों के पेड़ों पर शाम का बसेरा है)

Baji J. Ram Rao
16:50 +0530 Wed. 18-Feb-2015

Today, 18-February-2015, is the 88th birthday of the music director Khayyam (real name Mohammed Zahur Hashmi).
He composed music from 1953-1990. In 2010, he was awarded the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award..

Khayyam’s music has the informality of the Gazal but is yet rooted in Indian classical music.
Characteristic of his style, is the poetry-richness and soulful melody which marks the outstanding difference from other composers whose style was more common, semi-classical, Gazal or light and peppy.

This Suman Kalyanpur, Mohammad Rafi duet from Shagoon(1964), was written by Sahir Ludhianvi.
Khayyam composed and directed the music.

He composed the song in राग पहाड़ी (pahaaDii), his favorite raaga, with of course the flute quintessential to pahaaDii. There are also strings and wood block percussion.

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Shagoon was the only film where Waheeda Rehman co-starred with Kamaljit Singh Rekhi -- the man she fell in love with and married 10 years later.
The picturization has the evening mist rolling in through the eucalyptus trees on the mountain as Waheeda and Kamaljit take the song through its paces.
Waheeda’s lehenga is so situation-appropriate.


परबतों के पेड़ों पर शाम का बसेरा है, सुरमई उजाला है चंपई अँधेरा है
The evening has its nest in the trees on the mountains, with inky dark dawns and sepia-colored darkness.

दोनों वक़्त मिलते हैं दो दिलों की सूरत से, आसमान ने खुश होकर रँगसा बिखेरा है
They (the dawn and the darkness) meet at both times as two hearts (do); The delighted sky, has seemingly scattered color.

ठहरे-ठहरे पानी में गीत सरसराते हैं, भीगे-भीगे झोंकों में खुश्बुओं का डेरा है
Songs sigh in the placid waters. (And) the wet breezes contain the abode of fragrances.

क्यूँ ना जज़्ब हो जाएँ इस हसीन नज़ारे में? रोशनी का झुरमट है, मस्तियों का घेरा है!
Why not (we) get seduced by this beautiful scenario? There’s a star-cluster of brightness (And) a (bounded) perimeter of intoxication.

अब किसी नज़ारे की दिल को आरज़ू क्यों हो? जब से पा लिया तुम को सब जहाँ मेरा है!
Now why would (my) heart long for any other scenario? When I have gotten you, the whole world is mine!

Enraptured !!!