One of the many fine orchestras in Gujarat

Baji J. Ram Rao
16:50 +0530 Sat. 03-Jan-2015

One finds that, the metros in Gujarat seem to have a lot of hindi film music orchestras.
The video here is not from the original film track, but rather, deliberately from a public-performance orchestra.

This group is called Farmaish Club of Vadodara, owned by a certain Rakesh Shah. They played at the Sir Sayajirao Nagar Gruh auditorium in Vadodara, Gujarat.

The singers are Mukhtar Shah and Disha Patel.

They are rendering a a Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar duet from Purnima(1965).
The person shooting the video seems to understand music and zooms and pans, rather appropriately -- something not typical here at home.

The lyrics were penned by Gulzar, who at the time was reportedly, quite smitten with Meena Kumari.

The original music was composed and directed by Kalyanji Anandji.

“हमसफर मेरे हमसफर, पँख तुम परवाज़ हम;
O my fellow-traveller, you are the wings and I am the flight.

ज़िन्दगी का साज़ हो तुम, साज़ की आवाज़ हम”
You are Life’s musical-instrument and I am the sound of that musical-instrument.

There are two keyboard players in the orchestra, playing two keyboards each.
The double-decker arrangement of the first keyboardist has a 2008 Roland GW-8 arranger workstation on the top-deck. This comes in 4 separate versions for European-, Latin-, Chinese- and Asian (read Indian) music and incorporates a 16-track sequencer. The bottom synthesizer is an elderly 1996 Roland XP-60.

The second keyboardist has a 1999-2000 Roland XP-30 on the top rung and a very elderly Roland I’m unable to identify on the lower rung.

There is a 2006 Ibanez SAS36FM electric guitar, percussion consists of a real drum-kit, Roland Octapad, two sets of Tumbadora, a bongo drum, an afuche-cabasa, the woodwinds have a real flute, real saxophone and Two foldback monitor speakers. A nice set-up to sing with