learning ornamentals through song...

Baji J. Ram Rao
16:45 +0530 Sun. 14-Sep-2014

Today, our teacher taught...
“मधुबन खुशबू देता है, सागर सावन देता है;
जीना उसका जीना है, जो औरों को जीवन देता है...”
from Saajan Bina Suhagan(1978);
playback by Yesudas
lyrics: Indeewar;
music director: Usha Khanna.

This song has longish अन्तराs. Lots of scope to make mistakes in हरकतs. And as expected, we had to sing repeatedly until we got every हरकत right.

The first अन्तरा is:
“सूरज न बन पाए तो, बनके दीपक जलता चल
फूल मिले या अँगारे, सच की राहों पे चलता चल”

In the line, “फूल मिले या अँगारे, सच की राहों पे चलता चल” my problem was in the, “या”.
I had to sing one piece of the first अन्तरा 5-6 times.
My batchmates had much more and different trouble.

The complexity was, people did not get the मीण्ड
फूल-मि-ले-ए-या आ-आ-आ-आ | अं-ङ- गा-आ- रे ~ ~ |
मा-मा-गा♭-मा-रे♭-नी♭-रे♭-नी♭-रे♭ | नी♭-मा♯-मा♯-मा-मा♯ ~ ~ |

Saajan Bina Suhagan(1978)
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