Hala la la laiyya

Baji J. Ram Rao
09:00 +0530 Wed. 08-Oct-2014

A rendition of the traditional Lebanese/Palestinian lullaby “Hala la la Laiyya” by the Palestinian singer Ms. Rim Banna.
It was composed by Lebanese poet-composers and musicians: Assi Rahbani (1923-1986) and Mansour Rahbani (1925-2009).

Hala la Laiyya
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Ron Goodwin instrumental

The Lebanese lullaby “Hala la la Laiyya” by the Rahbani brothers, inspired Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra to conduct the piece: “Old Beirut”
in the album, Music for an Arabian Night(1959).
Here you may hear “Old Beirut”.

Old Beirut
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Mukesh song

This may have inspired Shankar and Jaikishan to compose the Mukesh song:
“कोई बुलाए, और कोई आए, अब दिल चाहे क्या ? फिर कोई मुस्कराया, फिर एक फूल खिला...”
from the hindi film, Apne Huye Paraaye(1964). Lyrics were written by Shailendra.
The song is picturized on Manoj Kumar at an 18th century English ‘Broadwood & Sons’ baby grand piano in a darkened room, with Mala Sinha and Shashikala looking on.

One finds Mukesh’s emotion-filled voice, so soothing.

Apne Huye Paraye(1964)
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